A program for the whole Family!

Healing is what rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit and invites us into a greater state of well-being and ultimately into the joy that is our birthright.

This August, join us:

Immerse yourself in nature through hikes, walks, canoeing and swimming

Gain support from personal time with Spiritual Mentors

Discover the healing effects of meditation, Qi-Gong, reflection and prayer

Participate in daily workshops by professionals in ancient healing arts

Learn how to let go of fear, confusion, skepticism, and other aspects of
dis-ease that hold you back from living life with joy.

Why this Retreat? Why now?

Do you ever find that stress, worries about the future, and pain from the past are dominating the way you experience daily life?

The intention of this retreat is to show you how you can feel fully alive, purposeful, and joyful, through accessing the power of spiritual and traditional forms of healing.  Find out more here.


A full-day children’s program (not just babysitting!), giving parents a chance to attend all their sessions worry-free!

A complete youth outdoor mentorship program so that your teens can be part of this retreat experience while having their unique needs catered to.


Spots are limited.
Questions?  info@lotusblossomretreat.org

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