Camp Connect: Youth Mentorship Camp

CAMP CONNECT is an annual camp offered by Sanad Collective. This year, it is being held in conjunction with the Lotus Blossom Retreat. This means that parents who attend the Retreat can register their youth in Camp Connect, and youth can have an independent and full experience of camp, at the same location as their parents are experiencing the Lotus Blossom Retreat.  (For parents who are not attending the adult retreat, youth may still attend and should be dropped off at the campsite location by a guardian to be signed in)

The idea of Camp Connect is to give youth a break from smartphones, social media, and peer pressure. Together with experienced youth educators and mentors, campers will enjoy hiking, canoeing, evening campfires and sports. Not only this, but campers will be introduced to mindfulness, effective relationship skills and how to go deeper in their connection to the Creator.

Camp Connect offers the ideal opportunity for fellowship with other youth and mentorship by older brothers and sisters.  

Camp Connect 2017 Poster(5)


All Camp Connect campers will be staying with their assigned mentor unless a special request is made by a parent attending the adult retreat – the general arrangement is that female youth will stay in a cabin with a female mentor, and male youth will stay in tents and/or a cabin with a male mentor.


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